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It’s beginning to look a lot like Spring!

March 12, 2008 – Mississippians did indeed “spring forward” this past weekend by going to daylight savings time, and as if on cue, flowers and birds are everywhere.   

Monday morning a small tree and the birdbath in my backyard were inhabited by a vacationing flock of cedar waxwings with their jaunty crests, masked eyes and tails with yellow tips. 

Then today, I had to leave Jackson before dawn to make it to Moss Point by 10:00 a.m. Sunrises are almost foreign to me as I am not an early riser, so I enjoyed this one like a fresh experience.  It was absolutely beautiful riding down Highway 49.  Small creeks and other usually hidden water features were announced ahead of time by the patches of fog hanging over each of them.  It reminded me of riding through the clouds on the Blue Ridge Parkway except that my hands were not sweating, I wasn’t gripping the steering wheel and my heart was not racing.  As the fog lifted, I drove just under the haze, feeling rather protected by it.   

Later this afternoon, driving back to Jackson, the sun was shining brightly and the weather was warm.  Blossoming fruit trees and redbuds were abundant.  It’s so good to live in the South and have an occasion to get out of the office and drive the highways and back roads of Mississippi, especially on a day like today.

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