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Jackson County – New Business

One of the pleasures of my job is to be invited to celebrate the fruits of the labors of MEDC members by attending ribbon-cuttings and ground breakings of new and expanded business in the state.  Such was the case today when I went to Jackson County to the grand opening of Tindall Corporation’s new state-of-the art concrete manufacturing plant near Moss Point.Tindall is not a locally owned business.  Because of the quality of their employees and because of the need for their product, they remained committed to the Mississippi coast.  GoZone bonds made it feasibly possible for them to borrow what they needed to build a $26 million facility utilizing modern technology to increase their capacity, all indoors.  Concrete is brought in on a track high above the molds into which it is poured.  Dryers make it possible to have a finished product in 12 hours.  A machine can bend rebars like they were hairpins. 

They now employ 100 workers and, the way they are growing, that may reach 300 in the near future.  Their products include stadium stairs (which LSU recently purchased), prison cells, parking decks and other precast, prestressed concrete items including the double tee panels which they used to build their own facility by standing them on end to create the walls. 

The ceremony was a celebration.  It was great to see Governor Haley Barbour and meet Tindall CEO and chairman Bill Lowndes, III, and other corporate officers from their headquarters and other plants in the southeast, the Jackson County Board of Supervisors and board members of the Jackson County Economic Development Foundation whose president, Royce Cumbest, President and CEO of Merchants & Marine Bank, is an MEDC member.   

Also recognized as being part of the team that made this possible were MEDC members Greg Luce, president of the Mississippi Export Railroad Company and, of course, George Freeland, executive director of the JCEDF and president of MEDC. 

Congratulations to all for a job well done! 

Find out more about the Jackson County Economic Development Foundation at www.jcedf.org or by calling 228-769-6263.

The facility had been located on the Back Bay

.  Even though Katrina left their plant heavily damaged, employees showed up on the front steps the day after, and they were marginally operational within just a couple of weeks.
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